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New Course Checklist

When you receive a new course in Blackboard Learn, there are several things that you will need to check to ensure that the settings and content in your course were migrated properly.

Personal Options

Resource: Access and Basic Navigation

  • Change your password.
  • Upload a picture.
  • Manage your privacy and notification preferences.
  • Edit your profile to include a little information about yourself.

Course Content

Resource: Understanding your Course

  • Ensure that all content areas are present and available (or not) to students.
  • Check that all images are displaying correctly.
  • Check that all URLs are still active.

Email or Course Messages

Resource: Email and Course Messages

  • Determine whether you will use email or course messages to communicate with students.
  • In the table of contents, hide or delete the tool that you do not want to use.
  • Encourage your students to update their Blackboard Learn profile to reflect their preferred email address.

Discussions and Forums

Resources: Creating Forums; Grading Discussions

  • Ensure that all of your discussion forums are created and visible to students.
  • Post your self-introductory message.
  • Edit the settings if discussions in your course are gradable.
  • Delete any posts that may have been inadvertently copied.


Resource: Creating Assignments

  • Change due dates for all paced courses.
  • Delete due dates for all continuous entry courses.
  • Review and update the ‘Points Possible’ field for all graded assignments.
  • Check that all assignments are visible to students.

Assessments (quizzes or midterm exams)

Resource: Creating Assessments

  • Change the due dates for all paced courses.
  • Delete due dates for all continuous entry courses.
  • Test each assessment prior to releasing it to students by completing the entire assessment.
  • Check that all images appear properly in assessment items.

Grade Center

Resource: Managing the Grade Center

  • Delete any unnecessary columns from your Grade Center.
  • Create or edit a calculated column to match the grading scheme for your course.
  • Set the external grade.
  • Ensure that all columns are appropriately visible to students.

Please remember that OLFMs must still enter all grades into myTRU!

If you have questions, please contact