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This site is the earliest iteration of a public instance of MediaWiki, at this point modeled on the UBC Wiki. We are grateful for the generous assistance of UBC's Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology in setting this site up. We are also grateful to the UBC Wiki and other open content wikis for providing so much sharable open content to get this site started.

This space will hopefully serve as a space for simple web sites, collaborative projects, open media resources, and a means to syndicate content to other web sites, or to custom print and ebook artifacts.

We are still adding features, and working on integrating TRU's authentication for site authors. If you are eager to get started right away, or if you feedback on how to make this space more useful drop Brian Lamb an email - blamb | AT | tru | DOT | ca

Oh yes, what does KUMU mean? - The word "wiki" is drawn from the Hawaiian language, meaning quick. "Kumu" has many meanings in Hawaiian, among them "teacher", "foundation", and "starting place". A tip of the hat to our friends at Brock University for inspiring this name.