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Blackboard Learn features many significant enhancements to OLFM workflow when grading assignments, including the ability to annotate and grade student work right in your browser. Please note: OLFMs must still enter grades into myTRU. Entering grades into Blackboard does NOT trigger an assignment pay.

Creating Assignments

Please follow these instructions to create an assignment in Blackboard Learn.

To create a new assignment, you must first toggle the Edit Mode to ‘On’, then hover your cursor over ‘Assessments’ and choose ‘Assignment’.

Create Assignment 1.png

Enter a name and a description of the assignment using the Content Editor.


Changing the colour of the assignment will change the colour of the title in the list of assignments.
Create Assignment 2.png

If you need to attach files, click ‘Browse my Computer’ or ‘Browse Course’. Enter the number of points possible.

  • If you would like to associate a rubric with the assignment,
  • follow the instructions contained in working with rubics available at the TRU Blackboard Support website.
Create Assignment 3.png

Adjust the dates that the assignment is available to students. You may want to click the box beside ‘Track Number of Views’.

Create Assignment 4.png

Set the due date and time.

Tip: If you deliver a continuous entry course for Open Learning, you should leave this section blank.

Create Assignment 5.png

Assign the item to all individual students or to groups. Click ‘Submit’.

Create Assignment 6.png

You will see the green confirmation bar upon successful submission.

Create Assignment 7.png

If you have questions, please contact

Edit assignments

Click on the assignment and it will give you the 'edit' option.

Edit Assignment 1.png

Edit Due Dates