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Pre-November 2014 Information

LMS Overview


October 27, 2014 Notes


2015 LMS Student Survey (closed March 23) -archived March 27, 2015

Vs. Themes

Based on the emerging themes there are a couple of debatable topics that appear to have emerged. Hoping you will state your arguments for one or the other and help keep the conversation going via a little healthy debate.

Open vs. Closed

Using familiar tools vs. Learning new (useful) tools

Interaction with others vs. Completely independent

Deadlines vs. No deadlines

  • archived March 30, 2015- jm no additional content added

Emerging Themes

End User Interface

Course Development and Delivery Process

Successful Learning

Other Considerations

archived October 26, 2015 - jm updating main page..not needed

Information Gathering

Research Links

What are other universities and colleges finding?

Project Plan

Learning Environment Project Plan for Directors _v5

Main page updated May 9, 2016 ...this was the original post

Phase I Plan

Information Gathering COMPLETE

Share Findings COMPLETE

  • Wiki updates- ongoing
  • Published version of Phase I progress – in progress
  • Campus Faculty Meeting Updates – in progress
  • Develop Moodle Spec for Phase I – in progress
  • Review IT Moodle Spec requirements with IT - complete

Campus Moodle Support & Alignment for Phase I ONGOING

  • Learning Technology Group
Upgrade Moodle
BCU theme updates
Student ID photos in grade book
Help Email

Development of Prototype of OL courses for Phase 1 IN PROGRESS

  • 3 paced courses for phase 1- complete
Three paced courses have been selected to run in Moodle for the January 2016 start date. The courses are:
  • BIOL 3701 - Human Anatomy for Health Care Professionals - Start Date January 4, 2016
  • BBUS 4681/MNGT 4751 - Leading Projects to Success - Start Date January 11, 2016
  • HLTH 4011 - Issues in Health Care - Start Date: January 11, 2016
  • Inform Associate Deans-complete
  • Develop user friendly content using approved colours in theme - complete
  • Request and test plugins - complete
  • Develop student interface - in progress
  • Develop OLFM interface - in progress

Testing of Phase I Prototype IN PROGRESS

  • Testing in development- complete
  • Testing in Production - in progress

Process Development & Documentation IN PROGRESS

  • Process for loading content for Phase I - in progress
  • Process for loading OL students for Phase I - in progress
  • Scalable content management process and workflow for Phase II - in progress
  • Support documentation for students (OL and Campus) for Phase I - in progress

OLFM Training for Phase I COMING SOON

Prepare Courses for Registration IN PROGRESS

Initial Review- Check-in of Phase I Scheduled for Feb 2016

Midway review/Check-in of Phase I Scheduled for March 2016

Final Review of Phase I Scheduled for April/May 2016

Final Analysis of Phase I Scheduled for June 2016

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