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In this section, we can continue to capture other items that might not easily fit within the themes that have emerged to date. I'm tired of creating wkik tables, so I've dumped the remainder of the information in here - Looking for a reorganizer to help :)

What we know (or think we know)

  • We have to be considerate of collective agreement
  • We will need to train
  • We need to be considerate of copyright
  • Change will always come with resistance, regardless of benefits.
  • Learning new management systems take time and new systems may not be adopted wholeheartedly by all involved
  • Moving courses can be an onerous task Not all tools same between systems
  • Software and technology stale dates – what is good today may not be good tomorrow and we require flexibility
  • We do not have to change systems to change our courses (we have options to improve what we have in current system)
  • Students/ faculty not happy to change
  • Students are familiar with main ones (Learn/Moodle)
  • Not all LMS’s offer the same tools and structuring capabilities as Blackboard, and vice versa.

==== What we need to find out ====

  • How will any proposal interact with Banner?
  • What are the best practices of introducing a new system? Emerging practices?
  • What can we learn from others experiences with online student environments?
  • What training do they need for faculty staff and students?
  • What are the costs of transition/continuing/research?
  • We can support the solution with current resources
  • How can we ensure a robust system with minimal maintenance and upgrades?
  • Are students who are initially hesitant about changing LMS change their minds after spending some time with it?
  • What features are common/interchangeable from one LMS to another?
  • What works in one LMS that may not work the same way in another?
  • What functions are exclusive to certain LMS’s, and which of these are used in our current courses?
  • What are the limits/benefits of different LMS’s?
  • What new tools/features might be accessible in a different LMS bring to course
  • How might we design a course to be more interchangeable from environment to environment?

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