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Toward a New Learning Environment

Thanks to everyone who attended the December 9, 2014 Learning Environment meeting. The meeting was well attended and we have tried to capture the thoughts and participants of the attendees here.


In the spirit of Open/ Online/ Distributed/ Technology-Enhanced learning, we are hoping to keep the ideas flowing and discussion continuing using this wiki site. Please add your thoughts, ask questions (and feel free to rewrite this intro :)) We will be following up with another session specifically for Faculty shortly, so please stay tuned...

Meeting Discussion Questions:
When we think about good learning and the technologies that support it:
*      What do we know (or think we know)?
*      What do we need to find out?
*      What do we hope for?
*      What do we fear?

Draft Project Goal Statement

(Requires input and Edits!!!)

To develop a learning environment students and faculty love that:

1. Is easy to use appropriate support when required

2. Supports learning that is:

  • Engaging and interactive
  • Supported
  • Open
  • Applied
  • Flexible
  • Research and data-driven

3. Is cost effective, sustainable and supports continuous improvement while encouraging back end efficiencies

4. Is implemented using a process that supports the needs of staff and faculty through appropriate process development, training and ongoing support

Emerging themes...

Select a link from below:

End user Interface aka Developing a system easy for both students and faculty

Course Development and Delivery Process aka Processes, Information, Rules and People

Successful Learning aka Research & Data Driven, Supported, Engaged & Interactive, Open, Applied

Other Considerations
=== Vs. Themes ===
Based on the emgering themes there are a couple of debateble topics that appear to have emerged. Hoping you will state your arguments for one or the other and help keep the conversation going via a little healthy debate.
==== Open vs. Closed ====

==== Using familiar tools vs. Learning new (useful) tools ====

==== Interaction with others vs. Completely independent ====

Deadlines vs. No deadlines