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Subpages allow articles in specific namespaces of the Kumu Wiki to be organized hierarchically. Subpages are created by appending the name of the sub page after the name of the parent page. The proper syntax is:

Prefix:Parent Page/Child Page
  • Prefix indicates the namespace prefix and will usually be either Course:, Sandbox:, or Documentation:.
  • The colon after the prefix is mandatory
  • Parent page is the title of the parent page
  • The forward slash is mandatory
  • Child page is the name of the desired subpage.

To create a sub page put a forward slash '/' after the address and type in the name for that subpage:

MediaWiki, the software on which the UBC Wiki runs, automatically adds navigation links between subpages and parent pages.

Please note: the Main Space of the Wiki does not allow subpages. The Documentation, Course, and Notepad namespaces, as well User pages, do.

Listing subpages

Copy the following code and put it in the body of the top level page to list all of its subpages:


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