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This is a collaborative space for the student success trial project. This space is for contribution of ideas, and finalization of documents. This is a basic orientation to setting up your pages in the Learning Commons namespace. For information about writing your content for the wiki refer to Learning Commons:Writing Guidelines

What Is a Namespace?

Basically a namespace is a collection of pages which have content with a similar purpose and where the intended use is the same. For more information about using namespaces, refer to this brief screencast below:

Adding Pages/Subpages

Create your own page under the Learning Commons namespace by simply adding a colon after Learning Commons and the name of your page (for example - Learning Commons:Chapman Learning Commons). Keep your page title short - basically just the name of your learning or research commons. This will be your index page, where you will keep track of the subpages you create under your section. Once your namespace is created, you will mainly be adding subpages to your space. Review the screencast below for instructions on how to set up your pages.

Dynamic Page List (DPL)

When you create your index page (or page for your Commons) under the namespace Learning Commons, you will need to add in the dynamic page list code. This will allow automatic aggregation of any page that is created under your title. To see how this works, click the edit button for the Chapman Learning Commons. Any page that is created under Learning Commons:Chapman Learning Commons will be added automatically to that section. Here is a brief screencast explaining how to use the DPL:

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