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The quickest way to find information in the Kumu Wiki is to look it up directly by searching for it. On top, right side of the wiki there is a search box.

Put your keyword in the searchbox and hit enter to search the site.

If the page you were looking for did not exist, you will be presented with a list of articles that matched your search criteria (or a message that no matches were found).

How it works

Here's how the search works:

  • Only the article content is searched - the page title is ignored.
  • The article content is searched in its raw (wikitext) form - i.e., it searches the text that appears in the edit box when you click “edit”, not the rendered page. This means that content coming from an included template will not be picked up, but the target of piped links will be.
  • Even if you enclose a phrase in quotes, the search looks for each word individually. e.g., if you enter "world war 2" it will return pages that contain "world" and "war" and "2".
  • The search is not case-sensitive, so "MediaWiki", "mediawiki" and "MEDIAWIKI" all give the same result.

Customizing what is searched

If you click enter without putting any text in the search box, you will be taken to Special:Search which gives you extra searching options (also available from any search results list), such as limiting or expanding what parts of the wiki you wish to search. For example, you may find it useful to restrict a search to pages within a particular namespace e.g., only search within the User pages. Tick the namespaces you require for this search.

By default only the namespaces specified in your preferences will be searched. Logged-in users can change their preferences to specify the namespaces they want to search by default. This can be done by selecting and deselecting boxes in the ”search” section of user preferences.

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