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Web conferencing tools allow you to connect with students from a distance and also share documents, display your screen on participants' monitors (and vice versa), and allow remote students to give presentations to you and your class. You may also use web conferencing tools to host guest speakers to your class for a conversation without them having to travel to Kamloops.

Big Blue Button

TRU supports the use of Big Blue Button, an open source web conferencing tool. Big Blue Button is integrated with both Blackboard Learn and Moodle, making it easy for instructors to create and deploy sessions with just a few clicks.

Using Big Blue Button

Blackboard Learn

To create a web conferencing session in Blackboard Learn, make sure the 'Edit Mode' is on, navigate to your homepage or another content area, hover over 'Tools', and choose 'Big Blue Button'.

Big Blue Button 1.png

Enter a meaningful title, and an optional description.

Big Blue Button 2.png

If you need to upload a file, such as a slide deck, click 'Browse Computer'.

Big Blue Button 3.png

The default settings will ensure that the link is visible and accessible to students. Click 'Submit' to deploy the link.

Big Blue Button 4.png

The link will be automatically deployed on the page.

Big Blue Button 5.png


With editing enabled, click 'Add an activity or resource'.

Big Blue Button for Moodle 1.png

Choose 'Big Blue Button' and click 'Add'

Big Blue Button for Moodle 2.png

Provide a meaningful name for the link. Click 'Show more' for more advanced options.

Big Blue Button for Moodle 3.png

Click the upload button in the top left corner to upload your slide deck. Alternately, you may drag files from your desktop.

Big Blue Button for Moodle 4.png

Click 'Participants' if you would like to change how participants are enrolled into the conference.

Big Blue Button for Moodle 5.png

Under 'Schedule for session', you can enable start and end dates for the conference.

Big Blue Button for Moodle 6.png

Click 'Save and return to course' or 'Save and display' to deploy the conference.

Big Blue Button for Moodle 7.png

Click the pencil icon beside the title of the conference to fix your spelling mistake, or click 'Edit' to adjust the settings.

Big Blue Button for Moodle 8.png