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These instructions are for Open Learning Faculty Members entering assignment and assessment grades for Open Learning courses.

Instructions for campus faculty entering final grades for campus courses.

Go to

Enter your username and password.

Portal Grade Entry2.png

Please contact the IT Service Desk for login assistance.

Click 'OL Faculty Members', then 'Open Learning Course List'.

If you teach on campus courses, do NOT choose the 'Faculty Resources' tab when entering grades for Open Learning courses.

Portal Grade Entry3.png

You have two options to enter grades for students

Option 1: Long Entry Form

From the OL Course List, click the course name.

Portal Grade Entry4.png

On the 'OL Long Class List', click one of the boxes under 'Assignments'.

Hover over the assignment box to see the assignment number. Quizzes and mid-terms are listed under 'Assignments'.

Portal Grade Entry5.jpg

Enter the total assignment mark out of 100 in one of the boxes.

You can also change the divisor to reflect the assignment marking scheme and enter a raw score.

Portal Grade Entry6.jpg

Click 'Submit Only' to save your entry.

Check 'Marked By:'

Your name will show below the comment field if the mark has been entered correctly.

Portal Grade Entry7.jpg

Option 2: Quick TMA Entry.

On the 'OL Course List' page, click 'Quick TMA Entry'

Portal Grade Entry9.png

Click the ID number of the student for whom you want to enter multiple grades.

Portal Grade Entry10.jpg

Enter the student's mark out of 100 and click 'Submit Only'

Portal Grade Entry11a.jpg

Your name will appear in the 'Marked By' column as confirmation.

Portal Grade Entry12.jpg

You will see that you are able to enter comments on the Quick TMA Entry page. These comments will be saved in banner but students do not have access to view them.
Please send assignment feedback through Blackboard.