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Grading Assignments

From any page in your course, click ‘Grade Center’, then ‘Full Grade Center’.

Items that need grading are indicated by a yellow circle.

Grading 1.png

Click the dropdown menu corresponding to the assignment and choose the attempt that you need to grade.

Grade 2.png

You will see the student's submission displayed on the left side of the grading window and feedback tools on the right.

Click the small arrow below the 'Attempt' box to see the Grading Panel.

Grading 3.png


There are multiple ways that a student’s submission may be displayed, depending upon the type of submission:

  • ’Submission Text’ is text entered directly into the assignment submission text-box and cannot be annotated.
  • Uploaded MS Office* or PDF documents will appear in a ‘crocodoc’ viewer and can be annotated.
  • A download link will appear if students upload a file type different from MS Office or PDF. This file cannot be annotated online.

The following filetypes will be displayed in the crocodoc viewer and can be annotated.

  • -.doc or .docx
  • -.ppt or .pptx
  • -.xls or .xlsx
  • -.pdf

Details of the Grading Panel

Grade 4.png

  1. Use the crododoc tools to annotate the student's submission.
  2. Enter the student's grade in the 'Attempt' box.
  3. Download the student's submission to enter your comments offline.
  4. Click 'Add Notes' to enter notes to yourself.
    • Notes entered in this area are NOT shown to students.
  5. Click the paperclip to upload and add a link to a feedback file.

Enter your feedback in the 'Feedback to Learner' box.

Links to feedback files should be entered on separate lines.

Grade 5.png

Click ‘Submit’ to return the assignment to the student.

If your student uploads an MS Office or PDF file, you may annotate the submission using the crocodoc tool.

  • Highlight a section of text and then click ‘Comment’ for options.
  • You can enter comments, draw, highlight text, enter textboxes or strikeout text (see bottom image).
  • Enter the student’s grade and any comments as in #3, above.
  • Click ‘Submit’ to return the assignment to the student.

Grading 6.png

Note: You may notice that entering comments in crocodoc requires a widescreen monitor.

Grading 7.png

Unsupported filetypes are displayed with a ‘Download’ link for offline viewing.

Grading 9.png

Needs Grading

You may also click ‘Needs Grading’ under the ‘Grade Center’ link to access a list of assignments which need grading.

  • Click ‘Grade All’ to begin grading assignments.
  • Click ‘Filter’ to show or hide the filter bar.
  • Set filter parameters and click ‘Go’ to filter items in the list.
  • Click the header of any column to sort items in the list.
  • Click the triangle beside the header to reverse the sort.
  • Click a student’s name to grade his/her assignment. This will take you to the grading panel as described above.
  • Hover over an Item Name and click the dropdown (not shown in this image) to grade all student submissions for that item.
  • Customize your paging preferences with the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Needs Grading 1.png

Record the student's grade in myTRU

Make sure that you record each student's grade in myTRU, to ensure that you are paid for your work.

If you have questions, please contact