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Edit Notifications

Click your name in the top right corner of the Blackboard Learn window, then click 'Settings'.


Click 'Edit Notification Settings'.


Choose the course or courses for which you would like to change the settings.

You can choose an individual course (left column) or multiple courses (right column).

Notifications 3.png

If you want to edit for multiple courses.

Either choose 'All', or select courses by highlighting a course on the left and using the arrows to move to the 'Selected Items' list.

Notifications 4.png

Select the button in the 'Email' column to receive an email notification for the items that are relevant to your work.

There are some highlighted items in the image below that may be relevant.

Notifications 5.png


Course Message Received
This is a new notification that sends you an email when another user sends you a Course Message.
Test Needs Grading
This item will ONLY trigger a notification if there is an item on the test that needs manual grading, such as a written response question.
Test which are graded automatically by Blackboard will not trigger a notification.

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