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LAW 3020: Legal Perspectives

The class has been divided into 24 wiki groups (A through X). Please refer to the list below, to see the group to which you've been assigned, and which case has been assigned to your discussion/wiki group (A-X).

Over the course of the term, each group will build a wiki entry around their assigned case. Your wiki will consider and discuss how each of the theoretical perspectives covered in this course applies to, illustrates, and explains the key issues in your case, and the approach that was taken by the court. At the conclusion of the wiki assignment, each group will have built a complete wiki entry that examines “their” case from all of the theoretical perspectives that we have covered in this course, including a discussion of any relevant comparisons between them (eg. "A legal positivist would say X, because of Y; a legal realist, on the other hand, would find Y to be an illusion, identifying the most significant factor as A, and the most valuable outcome as B, because…") The objective is that your final wiki entry should engage these theoretical perspectives with one another, as opposed to comprising a mere listing of theories. The class structure has been adopted to facilitate the ongoing development of your wiki.

The mark for the wiki will be a group mark, and class time has been set aside for you to work on this assignment together. Contributions to the wiki should also be made outside of this designated class time, and may be made by individuals working together or separately (entries are track-able by the professor). The designated class time provides you with an opportunity to discuss and agree to any changes that have been made to the wiki since the last class meeting, in addition to discussing how the theoretical perspective discussed that week relates to “your” case. You are expected to refer to the materials that have been assigned for class; you may also access additional materials and refer to them in your wiki entry. The objective is to make your wiki entry the best it can possibly be.

If you have any technological questions or concerns relating to the wiki assignment, please contact Brian Lamb, Director of Innovation at:

Wiki groups

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group_A: Cuthbertson v. Rasouli, 2013 SCC 53

Ramez Alam, Ravneet Arora, Geea Atanase, Coral Atchison

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group_B: Canada (Attorney General) v. Bedford, 2013 SCC 72

Harmanpreet Bains, Sofia Bakken, Jeanine Ball, Courtney Barber

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group_C: Moore v. British Columbia (Education), 2012 SCC 61

Steven Bereck, Bethan Buchanan, Jackson Bullock, Nora Butler, Jennifer Cao

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group_D: Eldridge v. British Columbia (Attorney General), [1997] 3 S.C.R. 624

Nicole Chang, Mario Checcia, Lorraine Chow, Sabah Christopher

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group_E: K.L.B. v. British Columbia, [2003] 2 S.C.R. 403

Robyn Cooper, Douglas Cottier, Michael Cunningham, Raman Dahia

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group_F: A.C. v. Manitoba (Director of Child and Family Services), 2009 SCC 30, [2009] 2 S.C.R. 181

Zachary Davis, Corey Davison, Amandeep Dhesi, Ajit Dhillon

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group_G: Chaoulli v. Quebec (Attorney General), [2005] 1 S.C.R. 791, 2005 SCC 35

Dustin Ellis, Kass Freeman, Sarah Fullbrook, Christopher Gall

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group_H: R. v. O'Connor, [1995] 4 S.C.R. 411

Taranpreet Gill, Karianne Good, Casey Goodrich, Tracey Greer

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group_I: E. (Mrs.) v. Eve, [1986] 2 S.C.R. 388

Ryan Griffin, Ryan Hamilton, Olivia Harvey, Stephanie Head

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group_J: Canada (Attorney General) v. PHS Community Services Society, 2011 SCC 44, [2011] 3 S.C.R. 134

Aasim Hirji, Vanessa Hope, Brian Howarth, Neila Howes

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group_K: R. v. Khawaja, 2012 SCC 69, [2012] 3 S.C.R. 555

Daniel Hutchinson, Kimberly Jensen, Jennifer Jones, Salman Karim

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group_L: Geffen v. Goodman Estate, [1991] 2 S.C.R. 353

Star Khasa, Sheridan King, Stephen Kroeger, Jessica Kruhlak

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group M: Hodgkinson v. Simms, [1994] 3 S.C.R. 377

Rachel LaGroix, Stephanie Leong, Justin Livingstone, Jeremy Maddock

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group N: B(R) v Children’s Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto, [1995] 1 S.C.R.

Sean Manery, Sarah Marsh, Krista Masleck, Robert Mazzarolo

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group O: Alberta v. Elder Advocates of Alberta Society, 2011 SCC 24

Leigh McFadden, Alan McKenzie, James McLeod, Kenneth McLeod

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group P: Egan v. Canada, [1995] 2 SCR 513

Kelly Melnyk, Cassandra Milne, Ryan Monty, Kenna Morris

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group Q: Winnipeg Child and Family Services (Northwest Area) v. G. (D.F.), [1997] 3 SCR 925

Jaysan Namasivyam, Natasha Nair, Danielle Oliver, Alexander Paterson

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group R: B.M. v. British Columbia (Attorney General), 2004 BCCA 402

Micheal Pavlic, Stephanie Penkala, Gosia Piasecka, Marshall Putnam

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group S: Granovsky v. Canada (Minister of Employment and Immigration), 2000 SCC 28

Tajinder Rathor, Toby Rauch-Davis, Cole Rodocker, Nick Rogic

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group T: Little Sisters Book and Art Emporium v. Canada (Minister of Justice), 2000 SCC 69

Keegan Rutherford, Houtan Sanandaji, Michael Scott, Paul Sekhon

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group U: Trinity Western University v. British Columbia College of Teachers, 2001 SCC 31

Onkar Sohi, Nikta Shirazian, Brett Squair, Michelle Tang

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group V: R. v. A.D.H., 2013 SCC 28

Claire Vikse, Ian Walker, Crystal Wariach, Rob Wasilew

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group_W: Odhavji Estate v. Woodhouse, 2003 SCC 69

Stephen Whitehead, John Wiebe, Jeff Wong, Winston Woo

Course:Law3020/2014WT1/Group X: E.B. v. Order of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate in the Province of British Columbia, 2005 SCC 60

Alexander Wright, Harmandeep Toor, Leah Senevirante, Dennis Rose