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Smallest/Simplest Possible Learning Online/Open Tools/Technology (blame Brian Lamb for the acronym).

Lightweight, low overhead single purpose online tools that do not require logins, and thus location of hosting not an issue. These are ones that would be easy for faculty o deploy pn the open web or even in an LMS

web site: Multisite

The Comparator

an image comparing widget, e.g. Before/After photos

web site:

example creation with SPLOT comparator

More Info

Blog Posts


  • TRU Writer
  • Content can be pasted in from MS Word, most standard formatting preserved
  • To be added- documentation for admin options, a user "how to use" guide page, and the linked docs on the editor form (appears now in a lightbox over the form)

Blog Posts


The Notery

A platform for researchers, academics, teachers, students to share in light way way, their in process notes on how they solve problems, get inspired, etc.


Blog Posts

Daily _______

Not quite splot, but develop a Wordpress Theme for anyone who wants to run a Daily challenge site like ds106 Daily Create Responses to a DailyX would be submitted by tweeting a reply to an account and including a link and a hashtag.

Blog Posts

Other Ideas

These ideas from Kelly's email