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The information contained on this page was taken from LMS Brainstorming sessions with 10 senior Open Learning Faculty Members in February/March.

When We think of Good Learning and Teaching and the Systems that Support It What do OLFMs Hope For?

  • Default settings to be clear * Good functionality features * Simple* Leverage technology to create new learning experiences * Easy to operate/understand * Straight forward * Intuitive * Friendly * Effortless * Seamless * Easy to grasp and figure out* Interactive * Everyone likes and uses it * Doesn't require hours to learn * Software that makes life easier * Flexible tools and training* Not a huge transition * Competitive in quality online learning * System that works with standard computer software/hardware

  • Accessible* Interactive * Integration- to TRU courses/program/technology * Ability to support different course delivery methods * Technology that caters to all generations and tech levels * A system that can work with varying disciplines * Basic structure for all courses but customization to fit the intended learning/teaching experience * A quality product at an affordable price

  • On-demand * Live sessions * Social presence (with faculty and other students) * Engagement with materials * Multiple levels of interaction * Collaboration and independence. * Learner-focused * Easy access to resources/assistance* Webcast, rich media presentations * Less calls to IT * Automated way to check on student progress * Support Roles defined * Increase OLFM leverage in course creation * Changes are driven by students and OLFMS * Effective delivery of course content * Let student choose how material is received (send it to me or let me go get it when I want it) * Feedback easy to provide

What Would OLFMs Do Differently (Changes they would like to see)?

  • Everything in one login (BB/Portal/Outlook) * One place to enter marks * No need to leave or be directed outside of LMS to access course materials * Integration with Banner * Less steps to complete tasks * Access to entire course without leaving LMS or be directed outside

  • Approved ability to update or revise content with ability for admin to track changes * Copy and paste ability within LMS * Option to allow changes in one course container to follow through to other course containers and automatic notification to other OLFMS with same course.

  • More customization * Easier updates * Better layout (visually) * Less restrictions * Don’t hide features

  • Ability to allow assignment resubmissions (but do not allow student to remove previous submissions) * Post final exam mark and final grade within Blackboard * Ability to access comments and feedback * More room to provide feedback/comments * Timestamp for assignments with due dates * Assignment submissions to work with more than MS documents * Discussion posts having more options (videos, links, picture uploads etc)

  • Communication and media incorporated in LMS * Encourage collaboration

  • Training prior to release of LMS…no learning as you go

  • Personalized support level for students

What Features Would OLFMs Really like to have (Wish List)?

  • Features
    • Live Sessions * Screen captures to help with talking through materials * Ability to mark assignments offline and sync when reconnecting *Plagiarism checker * Ability to CC emails to departments outside of BB * Direct links to Exam information and IT information * Include Final Exam * Real time updating of student list in BB * Mobility – multi-device * Easier Assignment grading within LMS - more tools real estate and flexibility
    • Analytics to enable instructor to see if student actually accessed marked assignments (real-time reporting) - Student track own progress and analysis of class * Automated notifications on student progress * Dashboard (Everything in one spot with ability to track own progress and student progress)
    • Individualized customization
    • Gamification aspects added- similar social media aspects * Ability for students to access course content offline * Ability to personalize learning material – annotate, highlight, comment, notes etc. * Collaboration tools similar to social media * Virtual Classroom for continuous Web Courses (A locked down virtual classroom for students working on the same assignment. Once assignment is submitted student cannot go back in to share answers)

  • Functionality
    • Integration with other systems (registrations, portal, outlook etc) * Emails and postings to allow multiple attachments * Seamless upload and download of annotated assignments * 24 hour access to help for students and OLFMs * Ability to reuse knowledge throughout course and from other courses * Support focused on functionality instead of troubleshooting * A way to follow-up with students that isn’t seen as nagging
  • Other
    • OLFM mentorship- forum for success stories, and challenges * Workshops to highlight features of LMS

Additional Comments