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This wiki provides resources on teaching techniques and best practices in course design. Feel free to add other resources and provide a brief comment on its usability.

Effective Teaching

  • Effective Teaching: Excellent resource that discusses teaching mistakes, course design, effective lectures, and student problems.

Participation in Large Group Presentations]: Great tips for facilitating engaging and interactive classes.

  • Teaching Strategies: Guide to activities and strategies such as flipping the classroom, team-based learning, case studies, etc.

Student-Centred Learning

  • CFT Teaching Guides: This site has fantastic resources on learning styles, motivating students, using technology, cooperative learning, and so much more!
  • Development Guides: Great guides from VCC on learning outcomes, rubrics, blogs, eportfolios, and more.

Class Discussions & Participation

Course Design

  • Teaching/Design Methods: This teaching handbook has helpful hints about course design, discussions, group work, technology, etc.

Learning Outcomes

  • Bloom's Taxonomy: Good to send SMEs for developing learning outcomes and assessments.





Educational Technology

  • Technology solutions: Interesting approaches to common problems of class participation, giving feedback, boring lectures, etc.

Blended Learning & Flipped Classrooms

Social Media

Digital Tools


TRU-OL Resources

  • Digital Toolbox: Great links for communication, collaboration, and creative assignments using technology