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This wiki is contains numerous articles, weblinks, and other resources that relate to instructional design. Feel free to add other resources and provide a brief comment on its usability.

Course Design

  • Teaching/Design Methods: This teaching handbook has helpful hints about course design, discussions, group work, technology, etc.
  • CFT Teaching Guides: This site has fantastic resources on learning styles, motivating students, using technology, cooperative learning, and so much more!
  • Quality eToolkit: eCampusAlberta's Quality eToolkit is designed to support post-secondary institutions in the design, creation, and assessment of quality online courses.
  • Development Guides: Great guides from VCC on learning outcomes, rubrics, blogs, eportfolios, and more.

Sample Courses

  • rMOOC: Course on Art & Reconciliation - Indigenous activist art





Learning Activities & Assignments

  • Activities: Sample activities from Raptivity, such as flashcards, ebooks, games, timelines, glossary, and surveys.

Ice Breakers

  • [1]: 10 Online Icebreakers
  • [2] : The Importance of Icebreakers in Online Classes
  • [3]: Adult Virtual Icebreakers
  • [4]: Ice Breaker Ideas

Digital Media Production

  • Word Clouds: 5 Ways To Use Word Cloud Generators In The Classroom
  • Web Projects: This book describes over 100 web assignments and activities used in elementary to university classrooms.


  • Serious Games Classification: This site is a collaborative classification system suited to Serious Games, based on multiple criterias (gameplay, purposes, markets and target audience).
  • Center for Games & Impact: This focuses on games that provoke a change in the player or the world – change stimulated in part because of the player’s experience with the particular game.
  • Playful Learning: This platform aims to ignite the use of quality games for learning in the classroom.


Motivating Students

  • [5]" Unpacking the Problem of Unmotivated Online Students: Great article. Share the 6 C’s of Motivation with your course writers!

E-Learning Tools

  • LMS: Vendors of Learning Management and E-learning Products


E-Learning Journals

  • JOLT: the MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching focuses on various aspects of online learning and teaching.
  • CJLT: The Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology is a peer-reviewed journal that welcomes papers on all aspects of educational technology and learning.
  • BOLDE: A research bank that contains details of books, articles, conference papers and reports on various aspects of distance and online education



Open educational resources (OER) are freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media that are useful for teaching, learning, and assessing as well as for research purposes.

  • Saylor: Saylor Academy has built over 300 free, self-paced, online courses.



Other Resources

  • The Great Courses: Has top quality articles, videos, book chapters, and other resources.

TRU-OL Resources

  • IPO: TRU copyright policies and information
  • Digital Toolbox: Great links for communication, collaboration, and creative assignments using technology
  • Media Team: Great examples of what the OL media team can produce and help with.
  • Library: The "Get Research Help" has some great resources.
  • TRU-OL Students: Here's an infographic that is a good reminder of who our students are.

Interesting Links