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=Add a link to your session=
===In the list of scheduled sessions, click the dropdown arrow and choose 'Add Link'.===
[[File:Bb Coll Link 1.png|450px|centre]]
===Give the link a name and indicate where you want the link placed.===
[[File:Bb Coll Link 2.png|450px|centre]]
===Update the link details and date restrictions.===
[[File:Bb Coll Link 2.png|450px|centre]]
===Click 'Save'.===
=Access Recordings=
===Click the 'Recordings' tab on the Blackboard Collaborate page===
[[File:Bb Coll Recordings.png|450px|centre]]
You can link to recordings in the same manner as linking to a session.
=Join a Session=
Your instructor should have put a link to the Blackboard Collaborate session on your course homepage, although sometimes, they may send you a direct link in an email.
===Click the link on the homepage===
[[File:BB Collaborate 1.png|450px|centre]]
===Click the link on the session page===
[[File:Bb Collaborate 2.png|450px|centre]]
===If you haven't previously, click 'Download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher' and follow the installation instructions.===
[[File:Bb Collaborate 3.png|450px|centre]]
===OR click 'Join Room'===
===Open the .collab file with the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.===
[[File:Bb Collaborate 4.png|450px|centre]]

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Blackboard Collaborate


TRU no longer supports Blackboard Collaborate for web conferencing. Please use Big Blue Button instead.