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* '''TRU Sound Camp''' http://trusoundcamp.net/
* '''TRU Sound Camp''' http://trusoundcamp.net/
* '''Transom'''  http://transom.org/ all about audio astorytelling from NPR Radio
* '''Transom'''  http://transom.org/ all about audio astorytelling from NPR Radio
* '''Using a Closet as a Recording Booth''' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8t3smUx8Xk
* '''The Awesome Vocal Booth You Already Own'''  "It is a small space, lined approximately 60% with sound-absorbent foam and fabric. It has no parallel surfaces that could set up standing waves. And it is shockmounted from the floor, to prevent capture of mechanical vibrations." Your car! http://recordinghacks.com/2013/07/28/the-awesome-vocal-booth-you-already-own/

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Commercial Audio Editing Tools

Open Source/Free Audio Editing Tools

  • Let's Make Music (Mac, PC, Linux) https://lmms.io/ music creation and mixing tool

See also 25 Free Digital Audio Editors

Web-Based Audio Editing Tools

Useful Sound Tools

Mobile Apps

See Also the SoundCloud Guide to mobile apps http://soundcloud.com/apps/category/create-record

Learn More About Audio