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This is the template page for Media Sources pages.


This template is for structuring the content of alternative media sources for the copyright resources section of the wiki.

How to use

To use this template, copy and past the following code into your page. Then, fill in values for the appropriate parameters.

{{Media Sources
|Source Name=
|Source Description=
|License Description=
|Searching Tips=
|Downloading Tips=
|Embedding Tips=
|Example File=
|Related Sources=


The following are descriptions of parameters used in this template:

  • Service Name: The name of the Media Source or Service. For example, flickr or WikiMedia Commons
  • Service Description: A short paragraph describing the Media Source or Services
  • License Description: A short paragraph describing the the copyright license(s) available for media from this source
  • URL: The URL of the Media Source, including the http prefix. For example: http://flickr.com
  • Searching Tips: Information about how to search for copyright friendly media from this source
  • Downloading Tips: Information about how to download media from this source
  • Embedding Tips: Information about how to embed media from this source
  • Example File: An example of a media file downloaded from this source and then uploaded to the UBC Wiki. File name should start with the prefix File:
  • Caption:: A caption for the example image
  • Link: A link to the original source of the example image (e.e. the url of the image on flickr)
  • Notes: Any additional info
  • Related Sources: A list of similar media sources
  • Category: The category for this media source. All pages using this template will be added to the Copyright UBC category but they should also be added to a subcategory such as Image Sources