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This is the template page for the Infobox Unit.


The Template Infobox Unit is used for creating an infobox for specific units at UBC. A unit may be a faculty, department, school, office, program, etc. For example, this template chould be used for top level pages about the Faculty of Science, the Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology, etc.

How to use

To include an Infobox Place in your article, copy and paste the following code onto your page. Then, fill in values for the appropriate parameters.

{{Infobox Unit
| name=
| image=
| about=
| website=
| phone=
| address=
| building=


  • name: The name of the unit in the article (e.g. Faculty of Arts)
  • image: An image you wish see associated with the unit. You should use the file prefix and name. For example: File:Logo.jpg (see Help:Adding_Media/Images_and_Pictures for help)
  • about: A short one or two sentence description of the unit.
  • website: The website of the unit
  • phone: The phone number of the place
  • building: The name of the building where the unit is located (e.g. Student Union Building). If your unit has more than one location, please list the building where the main office is located.
  • address: The main address of the unit


Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology
The CTLT advances scholarly and technology-enhanced approaches to teaching, learning and curriculum practices within and across UBC's diverse discipline and cultural contexts.
Main Contact
website: http://ctlt.ubc.ca
Main phone: 604-827-4494
Main Location
Address: 214-1961 East Mall
Building: Irving K. Barber Learning Centre