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Media Request Form

Confirm early in the course development process who will actually commission the potential media needed for the course. In some cases, depending on the complexity of the project, it may be better to contact the media team directly by email or phone.

Last Revision Date: Oct 20, 2010 Media Client: Department + Person Reason: Course Development: New Revision Marketing Campus Description:

If Course Development: only complete for course development + attach blueprint / outline with request Course Code: ID/Contact: Delivery Mode: Print/Web/Online/Both Priority:

Required Delivery Date: Date due for Course Production / specific date etc Media Type Requested: Web Content CD-ROM Print Content DVD

Objectives of Media: explain the general purpose of the media & what it is trying to achieve

Other key information? WHO involved, WHAT involved, WHERE involved, WHEN involved, Contact List: Names, Email Addresses, Telephone Numbers

Video: Location / Presenter / Interviewee / Materials / Length

Presentation: Approx. number of slides / Content / Images / Length etc

Audio: Verbage / Sounds / Length

Flash Animation: Multi-Media Storyboard What information would be needed?

Graphics: Type of Image / Theme

Direct Costs Incurred: Amount and Description

Other: What information would be needed?

Estimated Completion Date: Actual Completion Date:

Approved by: Signed: Date: