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In addition to using Wiki Markup to format pages on the UBC Wiki, you can use the formatting toolbar.

Using the Toolbar

The toolbar, which is located above the edit box‎, will insert wiki code for you so that you do not have to remember it. If you hover your mouse above the icons it will show you what it does. Generally, you can either highlight the text you want the code applied to or click on the button and it will insert the code and tell you what to insert where. From left to right:

A picture of the formatting toolbar, with the "advanced" options selected.

Main Menu

  • Bold selected text. See also Formatting
  • Italic selected text. See also Formatting
  • Links: Both internal to another wiki page and external to a non-UBC Wiki page. It is recommended to place the cursor in the desired location then insert link (without selecting any text). See also Links
  • Embed Files: adds the code for inserting a file (such as a picture) into the wiki page. See also Help:Adding Media
  • References: inserts the code for adding a footnote. See also Help:Footnotes_and_References
  • Signature and Timestamp: adds your username signature with the date and time (it will not display actual text in edit box, only in preview and after you save).

Advanced Menu

  • Header: Marks text as a section header. See Headers for more information.
  • List: Marks text as bulleted, numbered, or indented list item. See Lists for more information.
  • Size: Large or small text.
  • Baseline: Mark text as superscript or subscript. See Formatting for more information.
  • Insert picture gallery. See MediaWiki's Image Gallery help section for more information.
  • Insert table.
  • Insert new line.
  • Search and Replace: Just like any find and replace function.

Special Characteristics

The "Special Characteristics" drop down menu offers a wide variety of non-romanized letters and symbols that can be clicked to to be inserted into the wiki page.


Clicking on the "Help" drop down menu brings up a quick reference guide on formatting code.

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