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Assignment 1 Part B – Media Tools:

I chose Storify for my student created content. Storify uses a combination of blogging and social media so that users can add original content from various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds and YouTube to name a few, that is integrated into Storify for ease of use.

Storify is a social media site, so you can have followers or follow others. Your stories that you create are posted on you page and be shared.


  •  You need to create an account either through and email (create an username and password) or through Facebook or Twitter.
  • You can view profiles and stories that people share and the stories have an embed button (HTML code) that you can use on other sites such as
  • WordPress. But you are not able to like or follow people without an account.
  • There is search option on the main site so you can find stories. The advanced search features are limited to two options - latest and most popular elements (elements are drilled features: quotes, images, videos, and links).
  • If you have great internet search skills, you can do a lot with Storify. But for any other user it is straight forward, you simply click a network – that is pre-design button that is linked in the site, such as Facebook , twitter, google+, a RSS feed – and use a keyword to search.
  • Once you have found content that you would like to build your story you simply drag and drop in your story.
  • You cannot upload content, because Storify uses created content for other platforms to tell a story. This does not mean you cannot upload somewhere and else grab it from that site.


  • You are not able to restrict or make your stories private in the free version only in the business version.
  • Stories you make are your own with no feature to collaborate with others.
  •  Stories that you create can be used by anyone. There is an embed code on every users story.


  • You can transfer the story four different formats;
    • HTML 5
    • PDF
    • XML
    • JSON
  • Stories can be deleted just like a post on facebook
  • The stories you create can be transferred in the most popular formats which is great for user that have limited technical skills.


Storify would be good for grade levels of 11 & 12 and post-secondary students. Storify is a useful tool for teachers that want their students to learn or enhance internet research skills, by allowing students to use various social media platforms as an engagement and tell a story that is content driven.


How you would use Storify with your students?

What problem do you see with Storify?