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DRAFT Many courses contain material copyrighted by someone other than TRU. The course editor shares responsibility for ensuring that this material is properly credited and that, where appropriate, permission has been requested and granted by the rights holder.

Permission to use copyrighted material in TRU courses is sought by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), which also determines whether or not permission is required. Often, excerpts fall within TRU's Fair Dealing guidelines, so no permission is required; complete, proper citation is still necessary.

Responsibility for identifying and requesting permission for use of copyrighted material is technically the responsibility of the course lead--either an instructional designer (for a new or significantly revised course)or the Associate Director, Curriculum Services (for Maintenance courses). This person sends a request to IPO, accompanied by course materials. (For Maintenance courses, this step is often taken by CurriculumServices or the Editing Supervisor.)

Sometimes, permission may not have been requested because of changes in the availability of the excerpted material (e.g., new editions, broken links, changes in rights holder's policies). Or, the presence of copyrighted material may not be immediately evident (e.g., copyrighted material that is pasted into course text without being identified as third-party).

When you receive a course to edit, contact IPO and ask whether they have received a permissions request for that course. If they have, ask for a copy of the Copyright Report. If they have not, send all course files to IPO.

As you edit the course, compare third-party excerpts against the Copyright Report. Ensure that correct credit appears with the excerpt in a form appropriate to the course. If the Copyright Report cites specific credit wording required or requested by the rights holder, make certain that credit appears in this form.

For more detailed information about TRU's copyright policies, go to the Intellectual Property Office's website at https://www.tru.ca/ipo/links.html

Please note that all contributions to Kumu Wiki are considered to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (see Kumu Wiki:Copyrights for details).