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Criteria W-Do-IT CAST IMS Global Learning Consortium Information Technology and Disabilities (ITD) Journal National Center On Universal Design for Learning The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)
Accuracy/Verifiability of the content
  • The site managed on its own, but is linked to the University of Washington
  • Content on site, has references; and verifiable
  • Has many funders but primary funders: National Science Foundation, State of Washington, U.S. Department of Education.
  • Content is from various authors in the field and are scholar
  • Articles have references
* Content is produced from them * Peer-reviewed journal * Content is from various sources: Journals, Publications and have references listed * Peer-reviewed journal and non-journal publications
Authority/Verifiability of site
  • The site was created Founder and Director: Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D.
  • Site has contact information
  • Author had long history in the field
  • Site lists BOD, Staff, Funders, Partners
  • Contact information availilble
* Site lists BOD
  • Membership has voting and non-voting
* No Contact Info
  • Site list links to others sites that are funders or contributors
Site a program of CAST, but has its own directions and content * Site est.1992; but have been est. since 1964
  • DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internet working, and Technology
  • Content matches the name of site
  • URL is sub-domain and matches the link to main site of U of W
  • Content matches the sites objectives
  • Organizations has a 25 year history in their field
  • Site goal is to have a set standards and interoperability
  • Open and not-for-profit
How IT is being made for people with disabilities Advocacy, Research and Resource site for Universal Design
  • ERIC is database of Journal publications relating to education research
  • Site created 1998
  • Content is dated on each article; overall sited is updated - 2014 copyright on pages
* No information when site was created
  • Articles and other information are dated and up to date
* Site is up to date * Journal is published quarterly - 1994-2014 * Post updated
  • Lasted updated 08/26/2014
  • Site is updated
  • Site covers one primary area, but is broken down into sub-categories to selected audience,
  • Content is extensive
* Audience is targeted for Universal Design Learning
  • Content is Sub-categorized into specialized areas
* Audience is targeted to organizations, businesses, Education IT * Audience is targeted to IT accessibility * Audience is targeted to Universal Design Learning * Audience is targeted to Education Research
Primary, Secondary or Tertiary source website
  • Site is both Secondary and Tertiary source; though most of the information and content is would be more a Tertiary
  • Site is both Secondary and Tertiary source
  • Site is Tertiary source
* Site is Secondary source * Site is both Secondary and Tertiary source * Site is both Secondary and Tertiary source