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TPC 2015

This wiki is intended as a planning page for the TPC committee, but we welcome any feedback from Faculty. If you do not wish to log in to your kumu account to post your comments, feel free to email Kelly Warnock at


  • Igniting the Spark in Teaching & Learning

Write-up buzz words:

  • Joy and Inspiration in Teaching and Learning.
  • Teaching and Learning Made Fun!
  • The Joy of Inspiration for transformation
  • Creating Excitement in Your Classroom
  • Exhilarated Learning
  • Feel great, Work Great, Be great!
  • A-ha’s & ha-ha’s
  • Connecting with learning
  • Open hearts, open minds: joy and fun in the classroom.
  • Attention - How can teachers grab and maintain their students' attention in this fast-paced, tech-driven world?
  • Authenticity - Students expect authenticity in the material they study and activities they engage in. How can teachers meet this expectation?
  • Excitement, joy laughter, fun, exhilarating, exciting, engaging, motivating

Keynote Speakers

The following are some possibilities:

Session Ideas

  • Pedagogical Speed Dating: short 10 minute talks
  • Poster sessions combined with snack like chocolates/drink
  • In 3-5 minutes, describe one fun activity you've done that brought smiles/joy/laughter to your class?


Some ideas for the social, or fun activities throughout the day:

  • Comedy routine
  • funny song/dance/performance of some kind at end of keynote...if not live then a short video to have everyone smiling as they head off to w/shops??...or at end of day during social??)
  • Badge system / scavenger hunt type of activity to connect the workshops
  • Interview faculty about fun activities they've done in class (ask Journalism for students to record)