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Using the Text Editor

There are several formatting options available when using the text editor in Moodle.

Atto editor
1. paragraph styles 2. Bold 3.Italic 4.Font colour 5.Background colour 6.Unordered List 7.Ordered List 8.Link 9.Unlink
10.Insert or edit image 11.Insert or edit audio/video 12.Record audio 13.Record video 14.Manage files 15.Underline 16.Strike through 17.Subscript 18.Superscript
19.Font family 20.Font size 21.left align 22.Center 23.Right align 24.Outdent 25.Indent 26.Equation editor 27.Emoticon
28.Insert character 29.Table 30. Clear formatting 31.Undo 32.Redo 33.Accessibility checker 34.Screen reader helper 35.HTML

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