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These instructions are for courses created and delivered through Open Learning.

If you are looking for instructions for TRU campus courses, please see Setting Up the Grade Book (Campus)

Accessing the Grade Book

Your Open Learning course materials will come to you with the Grade Book set up to match the grading scheme for your course, but it is important that you understand how the grade is being calculated.

Mouse over 'This course' in the menu at the top of your course page and choose 'Grades'.

Grade Book 1.png

In the top left corner, choose 'Categories and items' from the dropdown list.

Grade book 2.png

Example of a simple Grade Book

This example shows a set up where each graded item is weighted exactly according to the value that it contributes to the student's final grade.

Grade book 3.png

If you need to change the 'Maximum Grade' or weighting of the assignment to match the published 'Assessment' details, click 'Edit', then 'Edit Settings'

Grade book 4.png

Grade book 5.png

Grade book 6.png