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Simple Grade Book

This example shows a set up where each graded item is weighted exactly according to the value that it contributes to the student's final grade.

This can also be accomplished by grading each item out of the weight that it contributes to the final grade, such that the 'Max Grade' for Assignment 2 would be 5 marks, the Max Grade for Assignment 3 would be 10 marks, and so on. In this case, each item would have a weight of 1.0.

Grade book 3.png

Grade Book with Categories

This example shows the addition of a 'Quizzes' category where there are 10 quizzes, each with a max grade of 7, that collectiveley contribute 10% towards the student's final grade.
There is also an 'Ungraded' category, which includes a practice quiz and practice mid-term.

Grade Book Sample 2.png