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On the right side of your page in Moodle are a series items that Moodle calls 'Blocks'.

There are several blocks in your Moodle course such as:

  • Navigation
  • Key Course Milestones
  • Quick Links
  • Search Forums
  • Administration

In the top right corner of each block are tools you can use to either minimize or move the block to the left side of your browser as a tab.

BLOCK Moodle blocks.PNG

Docking, or moving, the block will move it to a tab arranged vertically on the left side of your page.

Blocks 2.png

Please note: each block will have to be docked separately

Dock instructions 2.png

Dock instructions 3.png

Dock instructions 4.png

Key Course Milestones Block

The Key Course Milestones block is a time-management tool. It is colour coded to quickly see what has and has not been completed.

Milestones 1.png
Mouse over for a link to the corresponding activity. When the bar is changes colour the activity has been completed.
Milestones 2.png
When the bar is the default colour the activity has not been completed.

Navigation Block

Navigation block 1.png
  • My Home – displays all courses you are enrolled in
  • My Profile – access to your Moodle profile
  • Current Course – shows each section of the current course and any activities/resources in that section.
  • My Courses - displays all courses you are enrolled in

Navigation block 2.png

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