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When putting together your materials for the MBA courses, please keep track of third-party content on this form: Your completed form should be provided to the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) by the scheduled date. Once submitted, no materials should be added or substituted prior to the course launch unless absolutely necessary. Any additional materials should be identified to the IPO for tracking and clearing.

Recommendations: 1. Identify any graphics, text or other course content in modules, powerpoint and/or supplemental problems from external sources.

2. If you have developed a graphic or table, place your name and date below the resource in the course.

3. Identify cases from external sources.

4. List journal articles or other reading resources that require copyright. Please indicate if readings are from the library.

Changes in Canadian copyright laws have implications for both content experts and students. It is recommended that course developers be aware of changes in copyright policies and practices. The following link will take you to the copyright resources for Thompson Rivers University: If you have any questions regarding copyright, please contact the IPO at [[1]].