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The following are some of the assignment/assessment in the MBA Program. Note: Please provide assignment descriptions, rubric for marking scheme, and answer key for all assignments.

Case Assignments Please let your instructional designer know if you are using Ivey and/or Harvard Cases. Cases obtained from these sources do not provide a PDF, but a link to the resources. These resources have a cost associated with them. The charge for using these cases is per student per course offering. Please let your instructional designer know if you will be using cases from these sources.

A number of resources for case study marking are available. Your instructional designer can provide some examples.

Problems Please submit both the problems and answer key to problem assignments.


Non-Graded Discussion Forum The following are the non-graded discussion area included in the MBA Courses: 1) Introduction 2) Module Module/Weekly Reflection and Questions 3) Student Cafe Please review the descriptions of the above discussion forum in the Example MBA Course in BBLearn.

Graded Discussions There are graded discussion in each of the MBA courses. The following is an example marking rubric being used by many of the MBA course developers. Ask your instructional designer for additional examples if the following does not provide what you need to mark students' discussion postings.

Online Discussion Criteria (10 marks, 10%)

Criteria 8-10 marks 5-7 marks 0-4 marks
Quality of posting Sound evidence that student has done course readings and has a thorough knowledge of discussion topic Evidence that most of course readings done and student has some knowledge of discussion topic Minor evidence that course readings were done and student understands discussion topic
Communication Skills Postings are clear, concise and easy to understand Postings are usually, but not always clear, concise and easy to understand Postings are too short/long and/or unclear and hard to understand
Critical Thinking and self-reflection Exceptionally well- supported, thoughtful, insightful comments made on others’ and own postings Some evidence of critical thought and self-reflection on others’ and own postings Minor evidence of critical thought and reflection on others’ and own postings

Quiz Please ask your instructional designer to provide you with information before developing your quiz. In addition, information about accessing the quiz tool in BBLearn is provided in the Getting Started section of the MBA course example in BBLearn.

The following provides some guidelines for developing online quiz questions [file:Respondus Importing Questions.pdf Respondus]