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NOTES July 5 2013


Pat, Donna, Michelle, Irwin

OER Elective Course Irwin provides a sketch of the OERu course and the plan for providing an MEd elective in January. Benefits:

  • Authentic learning experience
  • Creating OERs, interacting
  • Would be creating the first open on-campus course
  • Opportunities to create more links with partners and provide courses for MEd international students (before they come to campus)

We may want to try to run it as an Open Boundary course - some students registered here at TRU, then also open participants (from OERu or other) The first run - blended - with some components from the OERu micro-credits course (how many to be determined) Set January as the target

What will we call it? Special Topics: Openness in Education

Next steps:

  • Pat and Donna will work on getting the course on the books
  • Need to decide on the instructor
  • Will start in the fall in the planning (tools, which OER components to use)