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December 10, 2012 meeting

Pat Marlene Michelle Irwin

  1. Planning meeting
    1. Desired outcomes
      1. Review Leadership stream program level outcomes
      2. A skilled practitioner grounded in theory and research
        1. Reflective practitioner
        2. Ethical decision making (for one day meeting)
        3. Social justice, equity etc.- diverse classroom
        4. Intercultural perspectives
        5. Digital literacies?
        6. Evaluate and apply research in practice
        7. Effective manager and leader
        8. Impact of governance and policy on practice
        9. Apply concepts of conflict management
        10. Interdisciplinarity
        1. Review against course outlines - done
        2. Review course outcomes- need polishing and need minor change approval - to be done in a bundle with team of IDs and SME(s)
        3. Integration or reflection of academic plan - done
      1. Project structure, timelines, resource identification
        1. FIrst two courses: Capstone, Research Methods
        2. Next sequence: Diversity, Legal Issues, History & Philosophy, Management, Leadership, Conflict
      2. Technology requirements (e.g. peer review process)
        1. Avatars? Blogs, Wiki
      3. Learning activities and assessments (high level)
        1. Part of batch review of Course Descriptions & development
      4. Discussion: building a graduate culture
        1. In how we build courses, support students, mentor faculty - needs further discussion and planning
  1. Next steps (From Nov. meeting)
    1. PMAC etc.? Irwin
      1. - PMAC ok, Gord needs course list for queuing in January
    2. Pat re postings, qualifications, etc.
      1. OL will continue to do postings and provide clerical support
      2. All SMEs need to be approved by Grad Studies
      3. Tory Handford - new sessional in FOSHED - expertise in blended learning
    3. Pat - invite Charlie
      1. Done
    4. Melissa - appointment and room booking
      1. Done
    5. Pat to send Irwin digital files of course outlines
      1. Done
    6. Dec. 10 PM
  2. Implementation (starting Dec. 10)
    1. 5280 starts (Capstone) with blended pilot (May-Aug) and online in Fall but develop simultaneousl
    2. Postings for Capstone, Research Methods to go out as soon as queued in Jan
    3. Course list to Gord (Pat)