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What do We Fear


  • Unsustainablity
  • Meeting all needs
  • Change in technology
  • Being locked into a system that is not flexible


  • Focus only on efficiency
  • Commitment not there
  • Resources for implementation
  • Big idea but no support/buy in
  • Change (people)
  • Being driven by fiscal constraints vs teaching and learning practices/requirements


  • Adaptive learning (also a hope)
  • Ownership
  • Publisher domination
  • Content rights management
  • Growth of publishers proprietary system


  • Students not happy with the solution
  • Collective agreement
  • Student/faculty not buying in
  • Inertia (OLFM & Faculty)
  • Policy/privacy concerns
  • Instructor constrains by the environment
  • Student data FOI /POP

OL Production Team

  • Closed system which is difficult to get large quantities of content into and very difficult to get content out in usable form
  • Loose control over certain processes and with it remove any challenges (be asked to do the most mundane work)
  • Very manual system with limited ability to have efficiency tools
  • Not being able to retain students (frustration, dislike of new system).
  • That a change wouldn’t be necessarily beneficial:
  • Possibly hindering current learning styles and approaches for something new.
  • Isolating a certain or current demographic by trying to reach a new one.
  • Losing a useful feature or a certain functionality that students really like.
  • Lack of support (or know how) from mandatory services such as IT.
  • Certain courses may need to be drastically modified when switching from one LMS to another (ie. ones that rely heavily on tools available only in Blackboard).
  • OLFM’s familiar with Blackboard may require significant additional support getting used to a new LMS.
  • We may encounter unfamiliar issues that we do not know firsthand how to handle.
  • Blackboard specific references may be overlooked when moving courses into a new LMS, causing confusion for students.
  • Moving courses will be slow and tedious
  • LMS will not be easy to learn, will not be intuitive
  • Will not have adequate functionality to meet OLs needs
  • Courses will be difficult to maintain
  • LMS will be forced on us even if it is not accepted by the departments(s)