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  • Registering an external blog. When I put in the feed address of my blog, I receive a "invalid feed address" message. I know the feed address works because it is used on other contexts.
Error caused by fact this is an internal server and is not setup to make this type of connection. Will be trying test with a WordPress install on same server.
  • When editing text, in the elegance theme, when I expand the edit box, it overlaps with the second column and then become non-responsive. Kind of a pain.
May be caused by theme not yet being fully 2.8 compliant
  • After using a label, there is default spacing underneath the label that is relatively large compared to space above. Visually, this makes the label appear related to the information above rather then below. It would take a programmer to change this code.
Will need a more detailed description/screen shot as the type of text can cause change. Paragraph text close to top while H1 much further down.
  • When trying the bring Big Blue Box into my course, I get a 505 Server Error.
Result of not being an externally connected server. Will not be able to test until on server that has external security settings