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Discussion: Learning More about a First Nation or the Inuit People


Throughout Lessons 4 and 5, we have discussed many First Nations of the eastern and western areas of Canada that helped form our country. Identify a culture/geographic area you want to know more about. This may or may not be the people you want to explore for Final Project: Community Overview.


  • Select a geographic/cultural area to research.
  • Research the following areas:
  • The present Canadian provinces and/or states the First Nation or Inuit People are from.
  • Which languages do members of this First Nation speak?
  • Which cultural practices did they have, and are these practices still being practiced?
  • Why is this information about a First Nations useful for human service practitioners?
  • Research the First Nation to find answers to the questions above. Use this information to develop a comprehensive description of the First Nation you have chosen.
  • Post your description to Discussion 3: Learning More about a First Nation or the Inuit People.
  • Read other descriptions and respond to at least two postings, making a thoughtful comment or asking a question.

Grading Criteria

Demonstrated knowledge relevant to the question 2
Demonstrated ability to relate and integrate information from sources 1
Responses to other students are clear, reflect critical thinking, and are constructive 1

Active Listening Discussion

Post your answers to the following questions to the “Active Listening” Discussion forum.

  • What was it like to be a non-verbal listener? Was it easy to listen intensely? Was it hard to keep your mind from wandering? What did you learn about yourself as a listener?
  • What was it like to be the speaker? Did you feel listened to? What did the other person do that make you feel that they were not listening and what did they do to make you feel listened to? What was it like to feel listened to or not? What were your feelings?