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Online Discussion: Solving Problem Sets

Your tutor will organize you into groups to complete the following problems from your textbook on free energy and metabolism: Problem Set: 13-4, 13-9, 13-10, 13-19 from the 5th edition of Nelson and Cox. Specific instructions on how to work in your groups to solve these problems will be posted to the Week 2 Discussion area. These weekly problem sets will be more involved and complicated than those that you will find on your quizzes, but a selection of these problems will be found on the final exam.

Online Discussion: What is the Evidence for Evolution?


We have extensively covered some of the fundamental principles of contemporary evolutionary theory and the history of their development. By this week, you will be in a good position to synthesize information on the development of evolutionary thought and discuss evidence for evolution that has been gathered since the first ideas on the topic have been developed. You will answer the following challenge question: “What evidence supports contemporary evolutionary theory?”


To participate in Discussion 3, do the following:

  • On your own, write a few paragraphs summarizing some of the most striking evidence in support of evolutionary theory and showing how this evidence provides such support.
  • Before posting your answer, check it against the Assessment Checklist (below).
  • Post your answer to Discussion 3.
  • Respond to other at least two other standpoints—those of your fellow learners and tutor. Do you agree or disagree with their viewpoints? Why or why not?

Remember, in this assignment, your tutor will assess you for all discussion criteria: quality of your post, communication skills, critical thinking, self-reflection, participation, and adherence to online protocol. See the Course Overview for explanations of these criteria.

Assessment Checklist

  • I have answered the question to the best of my abilities.
  • For each of my paragraphs, I have included the following: a topic sentence that makes a point, claim, or observation; evidence that illustrates or supports the point; and an explanation of how the paragraph directly answers the question.
  • My topic sentences relate to each other and support the purpose of the answer.
  • I have followed formatting requirements.
  • I have used correct, concise language.
  • I have read my writing aloud to check that it flows.
  • I have clearly connected my different ideas.
  • I have guarded against plagiarizing any of my sources.
  • I have edited my answer for its readability.