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Peer Review Rubric The main purpose of the peer review exercises is for you to use the various checklists given in your text, evaluate the content, design, supplementary materials and delivery of your peers' presentation in an objective and helpful manner, and to provide some written feedback to them. This skill of critiquing a presentation should assist you as you work on your own presentation for this unit, and on future presentations you may do in your line of work.The criteria for this peer review is as follows:

Careful, accurate completion of Chapter 10, 11, 12 checklists
Written comments that are specific, helpful, respectful and positive

Final Presentation Rubric

The Open Learning Faculty Member will use the same Chapter 10, 11, 12 checklists from the text to evaluate and comment on the content, design, supplementary materials and delivery of each student's presentation. Students will receive some written feedback from their OLFM about the strengths and weaknesses of their final presentation. The criteria to be used is as follows:

Chapter 10 checklist criteria about content and organization of presentation
Chapter 11 checklist criteria about supporting materials used in presentation
Chapter 12 checklist criteria about elements of delivery (visual, vocal, verbal)