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Queuing Committee Terms of Reference

Updated Feb 13, 2015

Purpose of Committee

The Queuing Committee is a committee of the Vice Provost, Open Learning, and is tasked with recommending the prioritization of Open Learning new courses and major course revisions approved by Open Learning Leadership Team for development and delivery and approved by appropriate faculty council(s)for development. Prioritization takes place when the number of courses entering the instructional design process exceeds current capacity.

In making these decisions the committee is tasked with taking into account:

  • the resources available in the Curriculum Development Department,
  • the relative importance of competing courses. Importance is defined as:
    • the fit with TRU’s and TRU-OL’s academic plans;
    • the ability to generate enrolments in the short and long-term;
    • the ability of the proposed new course(s) to fill gaps in existing programs;
  • necessary approvals in place; and/or
  • resource issues associated with the course

The committee will be provided with the following information, when available: market analysis report, a one page summary from AD or PC indicating importance of each course, and notes from PMAC concerning each course.


Vice Provost, Open Learning (Chair)
Director, Curriculum Development
Associate Director, Curriculum Services
Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships
Director or Associate Director, Delivery
Chair, Instructional Design
Associate Deans/Program Coordinators who have courses ready for queuing


  • The committee will meet as necessary at the call of the Director, Curriculum Development
  • The committee will be chaired by the Vice Provost, Open Learning
  • Decisions will be reached by general consensus
  • Quorum: 50% of membership plus 1
  • Portfolio support will be provided by the Curriculum Portfolio Coordinator

Administrative Support

Office of the Director, Curriculum Development.


Meetings are closed.