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Writing a Quiz or Test

Follow these instructions for writing a quiz or test in Blackboard Learn and then accessing your grades and feedback.

Click the link to the quiz or test you need to write.

  • If the link is not visible, check your course materials for scheduling information, or contact your instructor.
Student Assessment 1.png

Read the instructions and details carefully before you start the test.

Student Assessment 2.png

Note: Make sure you understand the settings with respect to the timing of the test, as well as whether or not the test will be saved automatically and submitted when time expires.

Click ‘Begin’ to start the test or ‘Cancel’ to return to the course.

Student Assessment 3.png

If your instructor has required a password, enter it here.

  • Click ‘Submit’.
Student Assessment 4.png

The test instructions will be repeated at the top of the test.

  • Take note of whether or not multiple attempts are allowed.
  • The timer shows how much time you have remaining to finish the test.
Student Assessment 5.png

For best results, please choose the correct answers to the questions.

  • You may or may not be able to change your answers after you save them, depending on how your instructor has set the options for the test.
  • Click ‘Save Answer’ to save your answer.
Student Assessment 6.png

When you have finished the test, click ‘Save and Submit’.

Student Assessment 7.png

Click ‘OK’ to confirm your submission or ‘Cancel’ to return to the test.

Student Assessment 8.png

You will see a confirmation of the details of your submission.

  • Click ‘OK’ in the bottom right corner to see your results (you may have to scroll to see the button).
  • If you have questions about your grades, please contact your instructor.
Student Assessment 9.png

Blackboard Learn will display your results and/or feedback according to your instructor has set the options.

  • You may not see your results until your instructor has graded any essay questions, or until everyone has written the test.
Student Assessment 10.png

Click ‘OK’ to return to the course.

Student Assessment 11.png

Click ‘My Grades’ to see an overview of your current status.

Student Assessment 12.png

Please remember that your official grades can be accessed through myTRU.