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Instructions for Blackboard Learn 9.1: Updating your Email Address

It is important that you update your email address in Blackboard Learn to ensure that you receive important updates from other users in the system.

When you first log in to Blackboard Learn, you will be directed to update your profile through the Global Navigation Menu.

First Login.png

If you click ‘I’ll update it myself’, you will be directed to enter your primary email address (bottom image).

IMPORTANT! Updating your email address in this window does NOT change your address in the Blackboard Learn ‘Email’ tool!

Contact Info.png

To change your email address in the Blackboard Learn ‘Email’ tool,

  • click your name in the top, right corner to open the Global Navigation Menu.
  • Click ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the window (shown here at the top of the window).
  • Click ‘Personal Information’.
Change email 1.png

Click ‘Edit Personal Information’.

Change email 2.png

Enter the email address you want to use to communicate with other users through the Blackboard Learn ‘Email’ tool.

  • Click ‘Submit’ to save your changes.
Change email 3.png