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Instructions for Blackboard Learn 9.1: Creating Groups

Blackboard Learn allows students to easily collaborate on assignments and projects in a secure space within your course. Follow these instructions to create a group set and assign an assignment to the groups.

Click ‘Users and Groups’ in the Control Panel. Click ‘Groups’.

Groups 1.png

Click ‘Group Settings’ (top image) to allow or disallow student created groups.

  • Click ‘Submit’ to save your settings.
    Groups 2.png

Hover your cursor over ‘Create Group Set’ and choose one of the three options.

  • This tutorial will demonstrate how to create groups and manually enroll students into the groups.
    Groups 3.png

Give the group set a name.

  • Blackboard will automatically append a number to each of the groups that you create.
  • If you create three groups called ‘Group’, you will end up with ‘Group 1’, ‘Group 2’, and ‘Group 3’.
Groups 4.png

Enter a description, if necessary.

  • Ensure that the group is available, otherwise students will not be able to see the group.
    Groups 5.png

Deselect any tools which will not be needed in the groups.

  • Make sure you allow group members to create forums unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise.
    Groups 6.png

Allow or disallow personalization.

  • Enter the number of groups you would like to create.
  • Click ‘Submit’.
    Groups 7.png

Set the filter options.

Groups 8.png

Click a name in the left column and click the right arrow to move them into the group.

  • Select multiple students using ‘shift+click’.
    Groups 9.png
  • Use the left arrow to remove a student from the group.
  • Repeat this process for the remaining groups.

Click ‘Submit’.

Groups 10.png

You will see your groups listed on the groups page.

Students will see their groups under ‘My Groups’. Click the name of a group to go to that group’s page.

Groups 10a.png

The group page will show the group members, the group tools and any assignments assigned to that group.

Groups 11.png

Assigning to Groups

  • 1. Group assignments must be assigned specifically to groups.

Click the dropdown menu beside the group assignment and choose ‘Edit’.

Groups 12.png
  • 2. Scroll down to section 6, ‘Recipients’ and choose ‘Groups of Students’ (groups must be set up prior to this step). Move the groups to the ‘Selected Items’ window.

Click ‘Submit’.

Groups 13.png
  • 3. Group assignments will be listed on each group’s page.
Groups 14.png

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