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Creating announcements

Follow these instructions to post an announcement in your Blackboard Learn course.

With Edit Mode ON, click the ‘Announcements’ link in the course menu.

Announce 1.png

Click ‘Create Announcement.’

Announce 2.png

Enter a Subject and Message.

Announce 3.png

Set Date Restrictions if desired. Check ‘Email Announcement’ to send a copy of the announcement immediately.

Announce 4.png

Click ‘Browse’ to add a link to an item in your course (quiz, assignment, module...).

Announce 5.png

Click ‘Submit’ to save and send the announcement.

Announce 6.png

Sample Vacation Message

I will be away from my office between [DATE] and [DATE]. During that time, please continue to submit your assignments using the assignment submission links provided in Blackboard Learn, and my colleague [NAME] will mark your work and return it to you. If you have questions about the course, you may contact [NAME] at [EMAIL]. If you have questions or concerns about this message, please contact