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Creating Wikis

Wikis allow course members to collaboratively contribute to and edit pages of course-related materials. Follow these instructions to create a course wiki. Only Instructors can create wikis, but anyone can create and edit pages in a wiki.

Enable ‘Edit Mode’ and click ‘Course Tools’ in the Control Panel.

Click ‘Wikis’ to see a list of all wikis in the course.

Wiki 1.png

Click ‘Create Wiki’.

Wiki 2.png

Give the wiki a name and description

Wiki 3.png

Set the Wiki Availability.

Ensure that students have access to editing and commenting.

Edit the grading settings.

Click ‘Submit’.

Wiki 4.png

Your new wiki will be listed alphabetically.

  • Click the title of your new wiki to add the first page, which will be the Home Page of the wiki.
    Wiki 5.png

Give the Home Page a name and enter a description or instructions into the Content Editor.

  • Click ‘Submit’.
Wiki 6.png

To enable student access to the wiki, you should create a link in the Table of Contents.

  • Click the ‘+’ in the top left corner and choose ‘Tool Link’.
    Wiki 7.png

Give the link a name, chose ‘Wikis’ in the ‘Type’ dropdown menu.

  • Check the box to make the link available to users.
  • Click ‘Submit’.
    Wiki 8.png

The link will be shown to students in the Table of Contents.

  • Use the yellow handle on the left side of the link to drag the link to a new position.
Wiki 9.png

If you have questions, please contact