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Add or Delete Tools from the Table of Contents

Follow these instructions for adding tool links to or deleting tool links from the table of contents.

Add a Tool

To add a tool to the table of contents in your course, hover your cursor over the ‘+’ sign above the table of contents.

  • Choose ‘Tool Link’.
    Add Tool 1.png

Give the tool a name. Choose the type of tool from the dropdown menu.

Add Tool 2.png

Make sure the tool is available to users.

Click ‘Submit’.

Add Tool 3.png

Use the yellow handle to drag the tool to the desired spot in the table of contents.

Add Tool 4.png

Delete a Tool

  • Hover your cursor over the link to the tool you would like to delete.
  • Click the dropdown arrow.
  • Choose ‘Delete’.
Add Tool 5.png

Caution: Be careful what you delete from the table of contents. If you delete a content area like a Learning Module or Content Folder, you may delete any content within it.

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