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Submitting an Assignment

All Open Learning courses in Blackboard Learn 9.1 use the Assignment tool for assignment submission.

Before starting submission process, review any specific instructions provided in your course material on formatting of submissions.

Step 1: Go to Assignments Area of your Course

Blearn assignment access.jpg

Step 2: Locate the Assignment Tool for your Assignment

The Assignment Tool has the following icon: Blearn assignment icon.jpg

Important: Click the title of the assignment that you need to submit not the icon.

Within the Assignments area the Assignment tool can be placed in a number of different locations.

Layout 1. Immediately visible on entry into Assignments area

Blearn assignment separate.jpg

Layout 2. Within its own Folder Structure

Blearn assignment ownfolder.jpg

Layout 3. Within a Folder with Assignment Instructions

Blearn assignment withinstructb.jpg

In all of the above cases, the tool should be clearly labeled with the words "Submission"

Layout 4. Assignment Instructions within Assignment Tool

Blearn assignment combined all.jpg

Step 3: Add your assignment.

Blearn assignment submissionsheet.jpg In most cases you will be attaching a file or files.

  • Click ‘Browse My Computer’ to attach a file from your computer.

Blearn attachingfile.jpg

  • Click ‘Type Submission’ to enter a response directly into Blackboard using the Content Editor.
Submit 3.png

If you attached a file from you computer, you will see it listed under ‘Attached Files’.

Submit 4.png

Add comments to your submission, if desired.

Submit 5.png

Click ‘Submit’.

The green bar across the top will confirm your assignment submission.

  • You should see your submission in the viewer and you should see the submission history on the right side of the page.
Submit 6.png
  • Tip:

Click the double chevron to expand the tools available in the Content Editor.

If you have questions, please contact