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Instructions for Blackboard Learn 9.1: Creating & Using Blogs

The blog tool allows students to create and share an online reflective diary for coursework. Follow these instructions to create a blog and edit its settings.

Click the link to the blog tool (you may have to add the tool to a content area first).

Blog 1.png

Before students can access a blog, the instructor must first create a blog and adjust its settings to make it accessible.

Click ‘Create Blog’.

Blog 2.png

Give the blog a name and provide instructions.

Blog 3.png

Make the blog available to students and set any date or time restrictions that are necessary.

Blog 4.png

Choose whether the blog will be assigned to all students individually or whether it will be a course blog and whether anonymous comments will be allowed.

Adjust the blog settings with respect to indexing and allowing users to edit or delete items.

Blog 5.png

If the blog is to be graded, you may indicate a due date and attach or create a rubric.

Blog 6.png

Click ‘Submit’ to save your work.

Blog 7.png

If you have questions, please contact